Friday, July 11, 2014

Why do I knit?

I knit for several reasons, more than when I stop to think about it. It is a great pleasure to make something useful with two sticks and some string, it can be a very peaceful practice, once having learned the basics and we will have warm things to wear and sleep under in the coming years.

This week I have started a new project that will take about twelve weeks. This is a Cabled Afghan. I am using all cotton yarn as that washes nicely and is readily available in our area at a good price. The free instructions are at      

The idea of a free "knit along" project with on going instruction is great. My knitting is very elementary and I have been a bit afraid of cables. The opportunity to learn so many different stitches and make a useful blanket was one I could not resist.So far the instructions are easy to understand and everything is looking right. The only problem I am having is accessing the knit along video. I can not get it to work for square number two and that is a little frustrating but I found the directions at the site listed above.

Happy knitting! 

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