Saturday, May 22, 2010

Growing Stuff and Some, Semi Good News

The allisium I planted last week has sprouted! Addition lettuce and sweet basil sprouts have appeared. No sign of the hollyhocks, marigolds or potatoes that went in at the same time. Must be patient.

Got some lovely river rocks (free) that are becoming borders and a path. The path is a work in process but now the intention is clear. :)

Haven't bought salad greens this month and the "fresh from the garden" is great. Have harvested parsley for drying. Hoping for a dry morning so harvest oregano.

Thus far, 3 kinds of tomatoes (7 plants), 3 kinds of peppers (9 plants for goodness sake!), 3 kinds of lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, 2 kinds of potatoes, 2 kinds of onions, leeks, wild garlic, parsley, 2 kinds of culinary sage, white sage (for smudging) 2 kinds of lavender, oregano, thyme, 2 kinds of echinecea, hollyhocks, marigolds, nasturtiums, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, 2 walnut trees (sprouts discovered in the parsley) and several small maple trees from a neighbors garden bed.

We'll be cramming in some more herbs and perennials and adding more potted things as we go along.

Already planning the fall plantings of spinach, lettuce, potatoes and onions. Hopeful for late tomatoes as well. We had fresh tomatoes at Thanksgiving dinner in 2009.

1.Took our dog, Max, to Dove Lewis Hospital today. He has a cyst that has become infected. We are glad to know that is health is very good, over all. The cyst does not appear to be cancerous-no lymph involvement. He has antibiotics (that will be fun to administer) and now we have to find a vet to remove the cyst and who will accept a payment plan.

2.We go new front brakes on the car!!!

3.Eric is feeling better day by day!

Over all the news is good though the economy still sucks.

Thank you Goddess!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Longer Days At Last

It's nice to not have to get up in the dark, but the sun hitting my east facing bedroom window does have consequences. It's really early for a night owl!!

Sunrise: 5:34 AM PDT
Sunset: 8:40 PM PDT
Length of Day: 15h 06m
  Tomorrow will be 2m 5s longer.
Moon Rise: 12:34 PM PDT Moon Phase
Moon Set: 1:35 AM PDT
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  46% Illuminated

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Garden...

provided the basis for last night's dinner. Harvested huge amounts of lovely Red Sails lettuce. Made our favorite salad with grape tomatoes (not ours quite yet), raisins, dried cranberries, and teriyaki grilled chicken. Really good!

We carefully harvested the lettuce leave so the plants are still viable and have reseeded around in the bed with a mixture of Black Seeded Simpson, Red Sails, and Butter Crunch lettuces for variety.

Three more beds to prep. Tomatoes, peppers, white and culinary sage, lavender and white swan echinecea to move outside. Potatoes go into the pots today. We will plant more spinach, yellow onions (first planting is up!), cucumbers, carrots in pots (our soil is very rocky-so much so that I'm using the rocks from the beds to make borders and a path!). Oregano and lavender to harvest and dry for winter.

Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are blooming. First year for all three so may not get more than a snack.

This is a great book! I have the stained and tattered original.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Details, details

It's been a busy and rocky spring.

Major medical issues, a death in the family, a child in trouble with the law, musical success, musical frustration, garden growing ok, tomatoes beaten up by wind storms and hail. Sigh.

The days are getting longer, the nights warmer and, I hope, the rest of life is settling down a bit.

We recorded a cd, made the first BIG cut to play at Lilith Fest and are booking some out of town gigs for the summer and fall. Have a regular twice weekly gig at the airport (that is it's own story).

Next big project: Heart Beat - an all female singer/songwriter/musician concert to benefit the American Heart Association set for July 23rd. Getting the line up composed, working on the ad/psa video, press releases and looking for a local female celebrity to act as MC.

July 24 we are running the main stage for a local street festival and booking bands for the parade, teaching music lessons and have the Great Hall that evening. It's gonna be a full weekend folks but good!

Exposing a few of my more experienced students to Finale Notepad as a practical application to music theory. Getting some of them ready to play at a fund raising event for Vancouver Clark Parks & Recreation and all for their spring recital. Flutes, pianists and singers!! I am so lucky to have such great students.

Today we have a "food" photo shoot then rushing home to plant potatoes, more lettuce, spinach and some medicinal herbs. I think we're headed to MacAdams Bar & Grill for the songwriters open mic with Lyman Louis - great songwriter and recording engineer- Thanks Lyman!!

It's a typical day on the North Bank for TwoRivers Music.

Note: we, TwoRivers Music, are now individually affiliated with BMI. Eric is endorsed by Timbercreek Guitars and my song "Complicated Life" is still in competition for Lilith.