Monday, December 28, 2015

Wet and blustery

Wet and blustery describes our recent, local weather perfectly. 

Our local ABC television station reports the following:

Monday December 28, 2015

December So Far: 14.97" (+10.12")
Since October 1st: 25.15" (+9.67") 
Since January 1st: 40.13" (+4.74")
The area has experienced high winds, land slides, power outages, snow, a hurricane (Not the normal thing here) flooding,and  trees uprooted. 
We have been snug and quiet in our little concrete block house - aka The Bunker - and have been very lucky to suffer no damage.
The greenhouse experiment is going well. The lowest night time temperature thus far has been 26 degrees F. The unheated greenhouse is sheltering an orange tree, pots of tender herbs, flats of herb cuttings and flats of salad greens, all of which are doing well. We watch the weather forecasts very closely and are ready to take additional coverings for the tender plants if lower temperatures are predicted.
We got through our annual Winter Music Party (Eric and I both teach private music classes through Vancouver Parks and Rec) with 28 performers and around 70 audience members. Solo singers, pianists, ukulele players and silly mixed ensembles including all the above plus jingle bells and kazoos followed by the usual riot of musical chairs. A good time was had by all.
Last year the party did not happen. 15 minutes before start time I slipped and fell, breaking my knee cap and shoulder and damaging my right hand. It has been a long, slow recovery with more still to go. I am very thankful for my husband, Eric and his support, care and moral boosting. Thanks also to my coworkers and faithful, supportive students.

Christmas was peaceful and good. We celebrated with family and had a great time at the historic Kiggins Theatre where we saw White Christmas on the big screen for the first time. What a treat!! Scenes we had not seen on television-ever.
2015 was a year of change and growth some of it painful but all much needed.
Oh! I got a set of kids hand bells!!!! Next winters party should be lots of fun!

The seed catalogs are rolling in and thoughts of spring are in the air. I am looking forward to not squishing through the garden. The soil is super saturated right now so we are keeping out of planting areas so as to not compact the soil. My fingers are itching to plant seeds and take cuttings but it would be foolishly early though there are a few packs of herb seeds...

We wish you and your friends and family a very Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dark Days and Plenty of Rain

After a very dry summer our region has had an unusually high amount of rain. Typically, by mid December we have a bit over 6 inches of rain for the month. Thus far, half way (nearly) through December 2015 we have received over 8 inches of rain resulting in landslides, a tornado (I know! We do not usually have those!), 30 foot evergreen trees crashing to the ground causing destruction and lose of life and lots of flooding.

On the other hand, seed catalogs are arriving in the post and gardeners begin to dream of summer while gazing out at the pouring rain/snow. This is a little offering of things to come and warmer times in the garden.

When you learn your heirloom tomato name please add it to the comments. Mine is 'Grandma Tworivers Double Traveler' tomato. Have fun!