Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time Flies...

when you are having fun and when you are busy. I am not sure where the days have gone.

Portland Homestead Supply co.
Our home based business, TwoRivers Food has been at the Portland Homestead Supply Co,,  8012 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202, teaching  jam making classes. Husband Eric Tworivers is a Ball brand Master Canner and a WSU Master Food Preserver. It has been fun to go along as his "magicians assistant" and videographer. Yes, videographer. I have a little used degree in Television Production ( that is whole other story). I am working on educational videos of our classes. I hope to have the first done after July 4th. Anyway, back to the classes. There will be two classes in pressure canning this month and more to follow. Check the Homestead Supply Co, at for more information and to register. 

Yoda Tworivers
July 4th is almost upon us. For the past week we have lived in a barrage of fireworks. Our dog is not fond of the noise but not terrified either. He looks to see how we react and goes from there.

Covey Ridge Vineyard
The morning of the 4th we are taking our show on the road to Covey Ridge Vineyard, 41940 NW Covey Ln, Banks, OR 97106.  Known for their lush Pinots, Covey Ridge is set in Oregon's lovely wine country. We will be teaching another jam class at a private event and debuting our Pinot Noir Jelly for tasting. 

At home we had a happy surprise. The ancient cherry tree in our backyard, perhaps 60 or more years old and almost that tall, is a sweet cherry! I was watching our dog wandering about in the yard and noticed him eating something with great pleasure. It was a cherry. Using my deductive reasoning I came to the conclusion that he would not eat something sour and tasted one myself. Delicious! Now our plans for the big tree are changing. Rather than remove it we will try to rehabilitate it. This will take at least three years but should be worth the effort. We picked the low hanging fruit and canned a couple of jars of juice for kombucha this winter.

More fruit picking: enough black currants to make and freeze syrup for festive fizzy drinks, blueberries which go direct to the freezer for pancakes, frozen yogurt and other treats, green chili peppers roasted, peeled and frozen, and lots of lettuce.

Most of the tomatoes are setting on fruit. Tomatoes,,, we have lots of tomatoes.
Tomato,basil, nasturtium, onions
We have saved seeds from a few years. This fall when we moved the seeds got scrambled and we have a "mixed assortment" of heirloom tomatoes. Over 40, actually. Many of these will be headed for the Battleground Outdoor Market Saturday, July 5th for a free Plant and Seed Swap we are holding. The market is located at 802 SE 14th Ave #109, Battle Ground, WA 98604 and is open from 10am to 3pm, rain or shine. Husband Eric is the Market Manager. If you see a tall fellow with a pony tail and tie dyed shirt stop and say "Hi!".

Eric Tworivers
What else? We acquired a wood chipper. We need it as there is a lot of pruning done and to do in the next few years. I am knitting socks for winter and am starting a knit along cable afghan class today. I am a little afraid of cables but the class is 12 weeks and will proceed slowly, I hope. You can find this free class at

Plus we keep doing our regular jobs: teaching music, running open mics, performing, photo shoots and trying to whip the house and garden into shape.

Hope your summer is beautiful and productive.

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