Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tools for the garden.

Not every useful tool cn be kept in the tool shed.
I'm having fun with This is a free and very user friendly site that will help you plan and track your gardening progress.
Going to start an egg carton of lavender-angustifolia-Munstead strain today. I've saved an 18 holer just for this purpose.
Fred Meyer has a coupon in store for 40% off on Lilly Miller and Ed Hume Packet Seeds good through today!!! I especially like Ed Hume as he is based in Puyallup, WA.
Burpee : The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener : A Guide to Growing Your Garden OrganicallyAll New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!Go now while there is a good variety of seeds available at this great price.

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