Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starting the garden

Yes, it's early. Especially when I consider that the usual day to plant around here is Mother's Daybut you have to get started.
The first garden catalog arrived yesterday from Territorial Seeds. This is a great reference guide, packed with information and color photos yet small and light and easy to read or carry in your bag for those boring moments of waiting in line.
News! The $$ Tree stores have marigold seeds (last year) for sale 4 for $1.00. An excellent price for companion plantings - keeping bad bugs off of your tomatoes and peppers - colorful and edible too.
I received to large planter boxes from my neighbors when they moved-free. They need a few screws and some paint. Got a quart of dark blue paint from the free section of Craig's List that will be trim (about a gallon of gas to go get it). Now just need a lighter color for the main part of the boxes and the tomatoes and peppers will have an attractive home this summer. I've been gathering rocks to edge a bed approximately 7'x 3" and just need a few more. This will be the kitchen herb garden. We live in an area that has lots of river rock so I pick them up as I clean the other beds.
An arched trellis will support the green beans (got it last year at a yard sale for $1.00)
We purchased 4 very nice, small clay pots at Goodwill yesterday for $3.00.  The white sage plants (sprouting and some with 2 leaves already!) will have a temporary home in them very soon.

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