Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dark Days and Plenty of Rain

After a very dry summer our region has had an unusually high amount of rain. Typically, by mid December we have a bit over 6 inches of rain for the month. Thus far, half way (nearly) through December 2015 we have received over 8 inches of rain resulting in landslides, a tornado (I know! We do not usually have those!), 30 foot evergreen trees crashing to the ground causing destruction and lose of life and lots of flooding.

On the other hand, seed catalogs are arriving in the post and gardeners begin to dream of summer while gazing out at the pouring rain/snow. This is a little offering of things to come and warmer times in the garden.

When you learn your heirloom tomato name please add it to the comments. Mine is 'Grandma Tworivers Double Traveler' tomato. Have fun!

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