Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 and Forward

2013 has been a year of "hurry up and wait" followed by whirl wind changes.

After four years in a rented duplex in the historic Hudson's Bay neighborhood of Vancouver USA we moved house and garden to a 10th acre in a quiet neighborhood a bit to the north. Less train, airport and freeway noise.

Thanksgiving day we awoke to raccoon damage to our roof. Our amazing friends were there in a flash to patch the hole. We are incredibly blessed to have wonderful, skilled and generous friends.

We survived the yearly "Winter Holiday Music Party" (recital) with 65 people in attendance. They ate all the Spelt Snicker Doodles and Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies, played and sang beautifully and had a good time. Now I have to plan for the spring 2014 event.

My husband, Eric Tworivers is working at the Oregon Soap Company. Eric is truly a renaissance man. Master photographer, professional multi instrumental musician, singer/songwriter, and master food preserver, now learning about and creating an array of wonderful, organic products. He really makes my heart sing and is my reason for waking up every morning.

We were bitten by someone in our lives who is less than truthful and does not have our best interests at heart but we are heading into the New Year with hope.

I welcome your thoughts and comments. Have a very Happy and Productive New Year!

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