Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer at Last!

Summer arrived the day after Solstice!
This year we planted five kinds of tomatoes (total of eleven plants), Gold Nugget Cherry, Red Pear Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Roma, and Red & Yellow Bi Color. The Gold Nugget, Cherokee Purple & Roma were started from organic seeds. Only one Cherokee has made it. The others are flourishing and the Gold Nugget and Bi Color are beginning to bloom.  


Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato on left  Red and Yellow Bi Color Tomato  on right.

Wild garlic and chives are blooming.

Nasturtiums and Pansies are rioting.

We have a few raspberries and tiny blueberries are looking pretty good. Scarlet Runner and Blue Lake beans  are curling around everything. Lettuce, mostly Red Sails, is great! Haven't bought any lettuce since mid March. That has almost paid for the garden by itself! Peppers look happy and healthy. Sweet potato starts are
still in the laundry room but looking good. Red and Blue potatoes are growing well in the pots.

Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Have a great week and a happy 4th of July.

Growing sweet potato for tubers and leaves (Njala University College circular) 

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