Monday, April 5, 2010


It's 45 degrees, rain and wind. Hail possible today. Where is spring?

Raspberries and calendula are growing though I haven't decided where to put them!

Chives are blooming in the wind.

Parsley has been green and growing all winter but looks very happy now. 

Strawberries have adapted to their little bed. Yes, those are noritaki saucers. Planning to plant sweet allysum in front of the saucers. The Goodwill bin store is the source for the saucers, pillar, pot and angel. The wind has been a bit hard on the nasturtiums.

Poured several tea kettles of boiling water on places where weeds and grass are growing in what will someday be tidy borders. It's a chemical free way to clear up those pesky areas.

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