Saturday, March 6, 2010

False Spring

Though snow is predicted for Monday - with thunder!!! - we are still working toward spring. It's supposed to reach 60 degrees today!!
The baby plants in the laundry room are clammering to go out but not a for a month or more. The night time temps need to be 50 degrees or above for things to do well in this part of the NW. That is usually around Mother's Day. I'll have a jungle by then!  Must move more tomatoes and peppers to larger pots today, thin the lemon basil and start the cinnamon basil. Yum!

The front garden is in process. 
The raised beds are looking great. Have an arch to place between them. The small blobs in front are blueberry bushes which need to be in larger pots! Tomorrow I hope.

This is an interesting book.

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